Frequently asked questions about our online challenges:

How do I submit my entry?
After you purchase a Token, you register for an event that’s open for registration and visit My Events to submit an entry for that event when it’s open for submission(s). After submitting your entry, make sure to submit it as an official entry if that’s the entry that you want to submit for review to be in the running to win.

What is an official entry?
With most of our kettlebell challenges, you can submit several entries for yourself to keep track of things and to bypass the official entry limit, but for us to review the entries and to be in the running to win you need to submit it as an official entry to us.

Do I need to follow the challenge exactly as per instructions?
No, you can adjust it to suit your needs and you should adjust it to keep it safe for your level.
Yes, if you want to enter your attempt online for review and ranking.

Do I need to enter my video submission?
No, you can just follow the challenge and keep track of your results on our website.
Yes, if you want to enter your attempt online for review and ranking.

Do I need to interact with others?
No, you can stay out of the groups altogether and miss out on the motivation, fun, and interaction.

Can anyone else see my video?
No, not if you mark it as unlisted on the video platform to which you’ve uploaded it, and not if the challenge/event allows you to mark your video entry as private.

What is the difference between an event and a challenge?
The challenge is what it’s all about, and the event is the date that the challenge starts and ends. Some challenges might have one event per month and others might have several events per month.

Do I need to buy a Token to enter a kettlebell challenge?
Yes, you need to buy Tokens to register on this website and use its functionality to record your scoring, results, progress, and more.

Can I post my submission(s) in any of the kettlebell communities?
Yes, but only submissions on our website are official. If you follow the instructions here you can submit on social media and use that for your submission on our website. Note that some challenges might require you to post in a particular group, but that will be listed under the details of the challenge if so.

What is the point system?
To avoid confusion between the Metric and Imperial systems for kettlebell weights we have decided on using a point system which can be viewed here.

How do multipliers work?
A multiplier is a value that should be used in the formula to calculate your scoring. For example, if the multiplier is 1.1 and the number of reps you did was 125, then the calculation would be 125 x 1.1 = 137.5. If the multiplier is 0.7 then the calculation would be 125 x 0.7 = 87.5. The result of the calculation is your total score. The multiplier allows us to assign a value to things like the exercise you’re performing, i.e. if that’s an alternative or not, and it allows penalties to have an effect on your total scoring. Some penalties deduct value of the multiplier, which lowers your scoring in the end.

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