Point System


When a kettlebell weight is used in a challenge we use the following point system to avoid any confusion between the Metric and Imperial systems (kg vs lb).

PointsKilograms (Metric)Pounds (Imperial)
1 Point4 kilograms kettlebell9 pounds kettlebell
2 Points6 kilograms kettlebell13 pounds kettlebell
3 Points8 kilograms kettlebell18 pounds kettlebell
4 Points10 kilograms22 pounds
5 Points12 kilograms26 pounds
6 Points14 kilograms31 pounds
7 Points16 kilograms35 pounds
8 Points18 kilograms40 pounds
9 Points20 kilograms44 pounds
10 Points22 kilograms48.5 pounds
11 Points24 kilograms53 pounds
12 Points26 kilograms57 pounds
13 Points28 kilograms62 pounds
14 Points30 kilograms66 pounds
15 Points32 kilograms70 pounds
16 Points34 kilograms75 pounds
17 Points36 kilograms80 pounds
18 Points38 kilograms84 pounds
19 Points40 kilograms88 pounds
20 Points42 kilograms93 pounds
21 Points44 kilograms97 pounds
22 Points46 kilograms101.5 pounds
23 Points48 kilograms106 pounds


If a challenge runs for 28 consecutive days and there are no points for the kettlebell weight or reps then it’s 1 point per day of participation. The same system applies to however many days a challenge runs consecutively for.


Reps that do not meet the movement standards do not count.


Unless specified otherwise, a penalty of point deduction is applied for the following:

  • Wearing palm grips; total scoring multiplied by 0.8
  • Wearing wrist wraps or similar; total scoring multiplied by 0.8
  • Wearing gloves; total scoring multiplied by 0.75
  • Forearm protection sleeves; total scoring multiplied by 0.8

As an example, your total reps came to 122 with a 24kg/53lb (11 points) kettlebell and you used gloves, then your total would be 122 × 11 × 0.75 = 1006.5. That’s a point loss of 335.5.

The penalties are there to encourage learning more about technique and having the incentive to progress. There will be events in which sweatbands are allowed but that will be noted in the challenge details.

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