There are a million and one reasons to partake in our online kettlebell challenges, but here are some:

  • Making new like-minded friends
  • Interacting with others
  • Having a goal to work toward with a clear plan
  • Tracking and seeing results
  • Staying motivated and accountable

But above all, have fun, and enjoy the challenge! Check out our challenges below.

I absolutely loved the last challenge. It really got me on my way to feeling confident with the movements and I liked checking in. Because it was so straightforward, it was easy to find a way to get it done and I’m so glad I did.

Aren’t challenges tough? Yes, they are meant to be tough. Anything worth doing or having in life should never come easy, it’s only the challenging times that you remember and earned. But remember, it being tough doesn’t mean it needs to be advanced, most of our challenges are suitable for beginners to advanced.

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Online Kettlebell Challenges

NEFARIOUS Kettlebell Challenge


This is NEFARIOUS. A wicked challenge with a single kettlebell! This challenge is all about enduring, enduring the voice that says “no more”, enduring…
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The 100 WBKC Kettlebell Challenge

The 100 WBKC Challenge

This kettlebell challenge is extremely simple! Perform 100 reps of the best kettlebell combo in the world FOR TIME, film it, post it…
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The Cavemantraining Endurance Challenge

The Cavemantraining Endurance Challenge

This awesome kettlebell challenge involves the incredible Turkish get-up, clean and jerk, and CrossFit burpee. This challenge will test and increase your cardiovascular and muscular endurance…
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THE PACE MAKER Kettlebell Challenge

The Pace Maker Challenge

THE PACE MAKER workout is all about teaching you how to pace so that you can build up your mental toughness, increase your muscular…
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I feel great. Feel and see a difference in my body. It’s amazing the effect short workouts can have on your fitness and body shape. Longest workout over the past 28 days was about 12 mins
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