The Kettlebell 500 Clean and Strict Press Challenge

This is The Kettlebell 500 Clean and Strict Press Challenge by Cavemantraining—OUTTRAIN OUTLIVE. Each kettlebell challenge from this website is unique and runs online with members from across the world entering and competing at their own level. The categories are designed so that everyone can have a fair go at it.

Kettlebell Challenge Details

Duration: The whole month
Entries allowed: 3  
Submission: Any days for duration
Video submission:
Anonymous submission: Allowed
Cost in Tokens: 1
Certificate: Yes
Participation Certificate: Yes
Benefit(s): Aerobic Fitness, Fat Loss, Mental Toughness, Muscular Endurance, Strength
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Entry is $1.95 per token but with a simple comment on social media, we will send you a voucher code so that you can enter for free, check the details here. Cavemantraining members get to enter for free. Scoring is submitted by the participants and based on an honesty system. The top percentage of entries will be verified manually and receive an official verified tick next to their submission.

As a user of this website, you will be able to keep track of and see your progress with the challenges in regard to:

  • Body weight
  • Kettlebell weight
  • Reps, duration, or other aspects of the challenge that show your progress
  • Feeling or other improvements in your life as a result of the challenge

It’s important to note that participants can also enter and remain completely anonymous. Their submission will be posted in the anonymous category with only their nickname (display name) displayed.


Join the challenge!

We’ve done it, now it’s your turn. Clean, strict press, switch sides, and repeat for a total of 500 reps.


  • Work on your technique
  • Challenge yourself
  • Work on your mental toughness
  • Do something crazy
  • Find your faults/weaknesses
  • Be part of something bigger


Five hundred alternating swing clean and strict presses FOR TIME. Try and complete as many without putting the kettlebell down, but with good form and technique.

Full lockout upon each rep, no use of the legs, if you do not have the strength to press it, rest.

Recommended weight for this high volume is 40 to 50% of 1RM strict press.

Technique Tips

  • Full body lockout when pressing
    • Quads
    • Glutes
    • Abs
    • Lats
  • Delay the hip hinge upon the drop to minimize the core work required
  • Keep the bell close to the body upon drop and clean
  • Actively press the legs into the ground upon the swing switch and clean
  • Switch between hip hinge, squat, and sportstyle (pendulum) to tax different muscles
  • Transition to hook grip and bypass the palm to reduce friction on the drop
  • One straight path to the overhead destination on the press
  • Pull the bell actively down after pressing and lockout

WARNING: you should have a moderate to a high level of fitness. 500 reps is an insane amount to complete in one session, discontinue the challenge if you feel any pain. Although high reps are great to work on technique and bring your weaknesses to the surface, it’s not a time to start learning, in other words, you need to have some skills behind you already before you attempt this amount of reps. Word to your mom!

How to post your kettlebell challenge entry?

  1. Buy a token or obtain a free voucher
  2. Use one token to enter the online kettlebell challenge of choice
  3. Download the details for the challenge
  4. Submit your score/attempt details on our website
  5. Keep track of the online results

When you submit the details of your entry, you can accompany it with a video, some challenges might require a video and others might not. If a video is required, you will need to upload your entry as described here.

More Details

Starts is when the challenge is open:

  • Challenge starts every first day of the month; 1st of January, 1st of February, and so on
  • Challenge starts every first day of uneven months; every first of January, March, May, and so on
  • Challenge starts on the first day of every three months; every first of March, June, September, and December

Duration is how long the challenge lasts or is open:

  • The full month; submissions are accepted any day for the duration of the month
  • [number] consecutive days; the challenge is every day for the number of days indicated and from the day it started

Entries allowed is how many times you can submit your attempt at the challenge within the duration and other boundaries defined.

Certificate is whether a certificate is issued upon completion of the challenge, or winners, and Certificate of Participation when marked as YES will be issued to all participating.


The 4 categories are:

  • Pro
  • Athlete
  • Amateur
  • Beginner

The Pro category is for kettlebell sport athletes who compete professionally.
The Athlete category is for kettlebell athletes with extensive experience.
The Amateur category is for people that work with kettlebells but do not have extensive experience.
The Beginner category is for people that have less than one year of kettlebell experience.

For more details, check out our FAQ here.

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